ISM 2017

SPRAY developed again this year a unique design concept for Dallmann’s, Piasten and Lutti’s at the International Confectionery Fair.

LUTTI | For Lutti, SPRAY created a brand stand where the products are promoted in a differnt-unique look. Life-sized mascots as seating arrangements, sugar coating on the walls and an extraordinary archway – the sour product world of Lutti is brought to life!


PIASTEN | The design concept for the stand: “Piasten Candy Store”. Eye – catcher: newly designed Piasten lighting logos, the legendary chocolates – hanging from the ceiling and an exciting product variety in showcases – a unique product staging. In focus: new product – “Piasten Schokolinsen Minis” and the “Big Ben Welt” in their own bar.


DALLMANN’S | SPRAY created a stand in the design concept of a modern lifestyle pharmacy. Design elements, such as large inscriptions with the core statements, a new furnishing & decoration concept – all designed by SPRAY – made the stand complete.