SPRAY developed the new corporate design and the new packaging design lines for a variety of Piasten brand products. SPRAY also contributed to new product development by helping with the name and packaging design. The portfolio includes strategic brand advice and concept development for the Piasten trade fair stand design.

PROJECT: Piasten Schoko Linsen

CLIENT: Katjes International GmbH & Co KG

TASK: Redesign the Schoko Linsen packaging 

DESCRIPTION: The well-known, popular Schoko Linsen were given a design makeover. Without changing the basic layout, the design and logo were adapted and modernised. 

SERVICES: Designing and fine-tuning the new packaging for the Schoko Linsen and Piasten’s complete range of candies (Cough herbs, Ice candies, Eucalyptus Menthol, Multi Vitamin).


PROJECT: Piasten Logo

CLIENT: Katjes International GmbH & Co KG

TASK: Redesign the Piasten logo and introduce a new logo manual

DESCRIPTION: During the process of enhancing the Piasten brand, the previous Piasten logo was also adapted, enlarged and optimised.

SERVICES: Redesigning the Piasten logo